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Name:Mushimanga | BL Manga Recs
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Community description:Recommendations for BL manga.
This is my recommendations page for shounen-ai and yaoi manga. I figure that if I waste as much time as I do reading it, I might at least try to squeeze something semi-productive out of it--and so here we are!

I like everything from baffling crack to incredibly hard, dark titles. I don't like shota, and while I will read stories with strong seme and uke roles, they're not my favorite. I tend to be more particular about the art than the story.

Some of the posts here are public, but a lot of them are friends-locked to protect me and to protect the groups that provided the scanlations. You will have to join in order to see these and other miscellaneous things.

Warnings Policy:

If you've read any yaoi manga lately you know that it is full of commonly triggering material--particularly non-consensual sexual acts. These don't bother me, but I recognize that they might bother you, and for good reason. I attempt to warn for all potentially disturbing content. I also warn for series in which the characters are under 18.

However, you should be aware that I am not always up on the latest chapters of a series, so a lack of warning on those should not be taken as an indication that the series is "safe."

The layout I'm currently using is by [personal profile] sarken, and you can find out how to install it on your own journal here.
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